COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemic, antiseptic, wash your hands, social distancing, stay home, outbreak, uncertainties! These are the most popular words these days causing anxiety, fear, and stress. These emotions are causing people to either worry about their health (to include their families) or concerned about their productivity. 

why is this important? 

With the Coronavirus, many companies, including Randstad Hellas, are working from home. For Randstad, we are fully equipped to serve our customers, candidates, and employees remotely, thus this change is not so sudden. Despite this, there is a sudden change, here’s the catch. What is sudden is that we do not choose when to work from home. 

So, even for those who are familiar with this concept, this new reality can create mixed feelings such as isolation, confusion, and uncertainty. In this post, the aim is to share three highlights on how we, at Randstad Hellas, look after our employees during the Coronavirus outbreak behind the scenes:

  • We have created a Coronavirus response team with representation from all functions at a local and global level. The team discusses many times, every day, to ensure we are addressing every issue our employees, clients, and candidates bring forth regarding the Coronavirus and keeping up to date with relevant employment measures. 

  • Every person is different and works differently, that's why we decided to put together a toolkit with some tips for our employees to create a productive workspace, to stay connected, to set clearly defined goals and wellbeing considerations. We even have a virtual ‘happy hour’ so we can share best practices, ask for advice, remain positive and energetic. We want to make sure that our employees have everything they need and feel as comfortable as possible.

  • We support the human forward promise to our employees as much as possible. Every employee is equipped with a laptop with a current secure update and a mobile to work from home with full access to our systems. Our desk lines are transferred to our mobile phones to service our candidates and customers at the very best we can. We have an IT support line and a strong online community with tips on working from home and working with Google Suite.  

Wrapping up, we focus on what we can control with vigilance, preparation, and flexibility in this challenging situation. Imagine a year from now…there’s no doubt that the Coronavirus outbreak will leave its mark on technology, health, and science as well as new working models. 

If you need additional advice, check out our workforce 360 or you can connect with Randstad to learn more best practices, how we're responding to the coronavirus outbreak and how we can support.