maximum potential

The Randstad Risesmart team is contrived of experienced consultants, who act as a strategic ally for both organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.

Randstad Risesmart works with long-term partnerships to ensure the best possible results. We design and recommend our centers with a specific methodology, while always having in-depth knowledge of the culture of your organization, as well as the current needs. Our approach is designed with a positive sign and a human-centered approach aiming at a constructive experience  while focusing on employer branding. Psychometric tools, exercises, case studies, real plays, structured interviews, etc. are used in these tailor made centers. 

In a field of mutual cooperation, a thorough, identifying discussion takes place with the stakeholders, the needs are identified according to the organizational structure & the culture of the company, the job descriptions - skills and organization etc

What follows afterwards is the tailor made design, proposal, configuration where necessary, and finally the execution of the assessment or development centers. The reports are thorough, insightful  and explanatory in order to give feedback to both the client and the participant.

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