how to spot fake job postings?

1. If money is involved. You’ve been asked to transfer money for medical check, work pass application or to attend the job interview2. The company has no website or official/corporate social media account3. Job offer sent from a personal email domain or a “noreply” email4. You did not apply for the job5. The job is too good to be true6. Job description is unclear or too short7. Poor use of the English language with multiple typos and grammatical errors in the job advertisement8. You found the job posting in a random social media community9. Communication channels are usually social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

When looking for a job, please do not follow unsolicited Facebook groups that promote fraudulent job advertisements. We also do not recommend individuals to respond to sketchy job offers in email or suspicious job postings on social media channels or cross-platform messaging services or reply to fake job calls from unknown numbers.

Remember that it is never safe to disclose your personal and/or banking details to anyone you do not know.

report a scam. email us with attached evidence to: