misconduct reporting procedure. randstad.

The Misconduct Reporting Procedure outlines the steps to follow if you suspect or have evidence of any serious misconduct within or relating to the Randstad Group. 


  • breaches of human rights principles
  • breaches of Randstad' s Business Principles
  • breaches of Randstad' s policies or procedures
  • criminal offences
  • failure to comply with obligations imposed by law or regulation
  • personal misconduct or
  • disrespectful behaviour
  • health and safety failures

our policy.

Applies to all operating companies of the Randstad Group. All companies have their own Local Integrity Officer, responsible to resolve any issues.

With an emphasis on excellence, Randstad expects it's companies and employees to behave in accordance the Business Principles.

This means acting ethically, with integrity, in compliance with policies and procedures, and with all applicable laws.

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  • What is the Misconduct Reporting Procedure?

    Randstad has Business Principles that call on all employees to always act ethically, with integrity and in compliance with Randstad policies & procedures and with all applicable laws & regulations. The misconduct reporting procedure outlines the steps to follow if you suspect or have evidence of any serious misconduct within or relating to the Randstad Group, and if reporting locally is likely to be inappropriate or ineffective. It should be considered as a last resort. 

  • What do you mean by misconduct?

    The Misconduct Reporting Procedure can be used to report serious misconduct, which includes but is not limited to breaches of human rights principles, violations of legal obligations, lack of compliance with internal policies, or personal misconduct. 

  • Why does our company need a Misconduct Reporting Procedure?

    Randstad is obliged by law to offer a misconduct reporting facility and we encourage people to report any incidents, situations and concerns where it is evident that conduct is not in line with our core values. This Misconduct Reporting Procedure is intended for use in the event that reporting through the normal lines is likely to be inappropriate or ineffective. 

  • Who can submit a concern, or lodge a complaint? A client? A temp? Employees? Is there any different level of treatment?

    We are not concerned who makes the complaint but rather the credibility and gravity of the complaint, and how it relates to Randstad.