what is a telesales agent?

As a telesales agent, you promote your company's products to customers over the phone. Your primary goal is to boost revenue through telephone sales. That means you should be a good negotiator with a deep understanding of the product features. Aside from selling products, you drum up advertisements and inform customers of promotions and discounts.

Apart from generating income through sales, telesales agents manage client accounts. It is your job to remind clients to renew their orders or inform them of current deals. The management monitors your calls and pitches since large sums of money are often in play, which means you make a significant difference in the company's annual revenue.

Many people often confuse telesales with telemarketing, but the roles differ. Telesales agents aim to encourage repeat business and support field sales representatives by setting up appointments. Telemarketing takes a broader scope by using phone calls to build interest, produce leads and get customer feedback. Telemarketers create sales prospects, while telesales agents convert the prospects into sales and repeat buyers.

Would working as a telesales agent suit your relationship-building skills and communication ability? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a telesales agent role.

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average telesales agent salary

According to the Economic Research Institute, the average salary of a telesales agent in Greece is approximately €50,000 per year. Aside from a base salary, companies often provide other benefits to telesales agents. When you are new in the position, you start with a lower salary of €27,000 per year. With additional educational qualifications and experience, you can take home a higher salary of over €64,000 per year.

what factors affect the salary of a telesales agent?

When you are in an entry-level position as a telesales agent, you have minimal experience and qualifications. Your salary is lower since you handle basic tasks, unlike experienced telesales agents who handle complex duties in the company.

The size of the company also influences your earnings. Working for a larger organisation generates a higher salary due to increased resources. You also handle complex tasks compared to agents working in smaller companies with minimal tasks. A small company also has limited resources and may not have the budget to afford higher hourly rates. Working full-time versus part-time also improves your earning prospects. Full-time workers have higher hourly rates and earn bonuses, while part-time telesales agents may not have bonuses.

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types of telesales agents

As a telesales agent, you can perform general duties in telesales or specialise in specific areas, such as:

woman speaking on mobile phone
woman speaking on mobile phone

working as a telesales agent

Are you interested in becoming a telesales agent? Get a clear picture of working as a telesales agent by discovering the career's daily tasks and work schedule.


telesales agent skills and education

Some of the educational qualifications you require to excel in the role of a telesales agent include:

  • Education: while you can become a telesales agent in Greece after Gymnasio, consider pursuing higher education qualifications. Complete a bachelor's degree course in sales, marketing or psychology. You could also pursue a course in business administration to learn the relevant skills to excel in the role.
  • Work experience: to work as a telesales agent, you require experience working in sales or customer service. Consider entry-level sales or marketing positions to improve your skills. It is also important to improve your knowledge of CRM systems and other technologies relevant to the role.

competencies and characteristics of telesales agents

In telesales, your skills and passion improve your career prospects. Some of the transferable skills you need include:

  • Communication skills: as a telesales agent, you need expertise in striking and maintaining meaningful conversations with prospective buyers. It is crucial to understand verbal cues or customer tone and adjust your voice to build rapport. Communication skills help you explain complex product features in simple terms. Being an active listener also helps you understand customers' concerns and adjust your services to boost satisfaction.
  • Interpersonal skills: when you are a telesales agent, you need emotional intelligence and empathy to create rapport over the phone. Collaborating with other sales agents also helps you increase revenue.
  • Negotiation abilities: as a telesales agent, it is important to meet sales quotas. That means you persuade customers to buy your employer's products and convince current clients to order more. Your negotiation skills help you convince buyers to purchase your products and deal with complaints or customers' concerns.
  • Using telephone and computer systems: aside from taking calls, you should be an expert in CRM software. You also require proficiency in using Microsoft Office applications and other office management systems to help you perform your administrative duties.


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