what is a digital marketing manager?

As a digital marketing manager, you develop and implement marketing campaigns on social media and digital platforms. You promote a company's products and services and enhance brand awareness in the digital space. You also play a significant role in driving traffic to your employer's website and acquiring leads through digital platforms.

Digital marketing managers identify and evaluate new digital technologies and find ways to explore new opportunities to market products. You use web analytics tools to optimise marketing campaigns through social media, email and search advertising. For instance, in search marketing, you find ways to improve the visibility of your employer's products through online content. You use web analytics to discover information about your target audience. Your role involves collaborating with social media managers and other marketing managers to ensure company messaging is aligned across all marketing channels.

The size of the business determines how hands-on your role will be. For instance, in a small start-up, your job is to create the marketing strategy, plan the execution and implement each digital marketing campaign. In big companies, you work with a large digital marketing team and focus on strategising, executing and delegating tasks to other team members. As a digital marketing manager, you can work in various companies, including technology businesses, financial services, telecommunications companies and marketing consultancy firms.

Would working as a digital marketing manager suit your forward-thinking skills and creativity? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a digital marketing manager role.

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average digital marketing manager salary

The median salary of a digital marketing manager in Greece is €37,000 per year, with an average hourly rate of €18. As a digital marketing manager, several factors influence your earnings. For instance, your rank in the company and the scope of your duties can impact your earnings. When you are new to the role, you start with an average salary of €20,000 per year. When you have additional responsibilities, you are likely to earn more. The highest earnings for digital marketing managers in Greece can reach €46,000 annually.

what factors affect the salary of a digital marketing manager?

The main factors that influence your earnings are educational qualifications and experience. When you have minimal qualifications, you take home a lower salary. Most employers will pay more when you have additional qualifications or certifications to showcase your expertise. Your experience also determines your take-home salary. When you have a few years of experience with a portfolio, you can demand a higher salary.

The company size also affects your earnings. Working in a small company can limit your earning potential due to the limited resources available. In a large organisation, you earn a higher income due to the complexity of your duties and the unlimited resources available.

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types of digital marketing managers

Some of the types of digital marketing managers include:

hand navigating a tablet screen
hand navigating a tablet screen

working as a digital marketing manager

Working as a digital marketing manager involves improving brand awareness and driving traffic for the business in the digital space. If you are interested in the role, read on to discover digital marketing managers’ career prospects and daily activities.


digital marketing manager skills and education

Having relevant certifications and a degree is a crucial requirement for becoming a digital marketing manager in Greece. Some of the qualifications relevant for the role include:

  • Bachelor’s degree: most employers require a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field for you to work as a digital marketing manager. A degree in marketing or communications gives you a solid foundation in advertising and brand strategy. While a master’s degree is not mandatory, it helps you stand out in the job market. You should also consider certifications in digital marketing or social media marketing.
  • Experience: you require extensive experience to work as a digital marketing manager. You can improve your experience through internships or entry-level roles in digital marketing. Attend digital marketing conferences and online courses to improve your skills.

competencies and characteristics of a digital marketing manager

Some of the qualities of a digital marketing manager include:

  • Strategic thinking: strategy is vital in digital marketing. You need strategic thinking skills to think on your feet and use marketing strategies to improve conversion rates in various digital marketing channels.
  • Data analysis: data analysis helps you analyse the performance of your campaigns and ways to improve your brand awareness. You need data analysis skills to evaluate data and understand areas that need improvement.
  • Interpersonal skills: as a digital marketing manager, you interact daily with many people and professionals. You need good teamwork skills to work well with others and communicate clearly. Interpersonal skills also help you become a good listener and negotiate contracts successfully.
  • Time management: digital marketing managers handle multiple tasks, and a lot of the work can be reactive. Therefore, you need exceptional time management skills to manage deadlines and clear your work schedule.
  • Great eye for detail: as a digital marketing manager, being attentive to details helps you ensure all brand guidelines are followed. Combining your eye for detail with creative flair helps you excel in your role.


Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a digital marketing manager.

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