The work from home revolution is truly underway, with more people than ever choosing remote working opportunities wherever possible. It's no surprise that more people are turning to work from home jobs because the benefits are practically endless. Avoiding the morning traffic, spending less cash outside the home, reducing your carbon footprint and being able to live wherever you want, to name a few.

By May 2020, approximately 55% of employed people were working from home in Greece, and according to the 2023 Workmonitor survey, 78% of Greek employees stated they were seeking the ability to choose their work location and 84% were wanting to choose their working hours. 

The benefits of working from home include a better work-life balance, no commute, a more flexible schedule and, of course, the comforts of home.


1. wave goodbye to the commute

Most people spend at least an hour each day, getting to and from the office — and it takes even longer for some. That's around 20 hours per month, or 240 hours per year. Being stuck in traffic, empty hours spent behind the wheel and dangerous driving conditions can lead to stress and anxiety. Even lengthy metro or train rides with multiple stops can wear on your patience when you're ready to be home for the night. With a remote job, those worries disappear, and you can spend that extra time doing what you love.

2. reduce your carbon footprint

Another bonus to working from home that makes the entire planet happy is the reduction in greenhouse gases. When you work from home, your carbon footprint isn't dictated by your employer, so you can decide how frequently you use your car. And unlike in an office, you control the AC, heat, electricity and other factors that could contribute to climate change. You can even go paperless.

3. customize your office and look

As well as being able to set the temperature as high or low as you prefer, you can design your dream office aesthetic. Forget about being boxed into a little cubicle or generic office, you can make the decor as bright, minimal or as full of plants as you choose. Customizing your workspace can also boost your productivity, so you can wrap up your to-do list more efficiently.  What's more, you also get to decide what work wear looks like for you.  You can also prioritize getting ready in the morning on days when you have virtual meetings scheduled.

4. save money

When you're pushed for time and stressed because of a commute, it's easier to cave in and grab an extra coffee to go or get takeout for lunch. Many people with a work from home job save money on the following:

  • Coffees, lunches and snacks throughout the day
  • Childcare and after-school programs 
  • Auto maintenance, gas and tolls
  • Clothing
  • Public transport


5. more time with friends and family

Work-life balance has traditionally been a struggle for many people, especially those with young families. Anyone can benefit from spending more time with their loved ones, but for children, every extra moment spent with mom and dad counts. Being able to spend quality time every morning and evening, instead of rushing to get the kids to school before the commute, means a more relaxed and easy-going home environment for everyone. If you don't have children, you can manage your schedule, so you can spend more quality time with friends or doing the hobbies you love. 

6. home comforts

Everyone feels more secure and cozy at home. When you're surrounded by familiar, comforting items and can snuggle into a blanket or wear slippers when you're cold, work feels a lot more fun. Plus, it's easier to accommodate health issues and preferences. If you have seasonal affective disorder, you can make sure you work near a window. Likewise, if you like using fidget toys, you can happily do so without worrying about annoying other people.  

7. location independence

Far too many people have to live their lives around their job, but with a work from home job, there's no conflict. If you want to move to a bigger home or spend more on luxuries, you can relocate to a more affordable location. And if you've always wanted to live by the sea, in the mountains or out on a ranch somewhere, you can. 

8. become a digital nomad

You could go one step further from moving to a new city, greek village or a greek island, and try becoming a digital nomad. 


There are endless benefits to having a work from home job that mean more money in your pocket and a lifestyle that's customized to your preferences. If you'd like to find remote work, take a look at the current remote jobs available by Randstad Hellas and apply now.

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