Papastratos, Aegean Airlines and ION climbed to the top three of the top 10 list for this year.

This year's edition of the Employer Brand survey, reveals the criteria based on which employees choose the ideal employer, the ways of searching new job opportunities, the impact of Covid-19 and the intention to change their working environment in Greece.

Papastratos has emerged as the most attractive employer for 2021 according to the latest Employer Brand survey conducted for the fourth consecutive year by Randstad in Greece. Aegean Airlines and ION take the second and third positions, whilst last year they held the first and fourth place, respectively. With new additions and a reshuffle, this year's top 10 of the most attractive employers in Greece were completed, gathering high scores in the criteria: financial stability and robustness, very good reputation, job stability and safety, pleasant and safe working environment during COVID-19 .

The Randstad Employer Brand Survey (REBR) has been conducted for the 21 consecutive years by Randstad and is the most complete and independent employer brand survey, with more than 190,000 participants in 34 countries worldwide. In Greece, the survey was conducted for the fourth consecutive year evaluating a sample of the 150 largest companies in terms of employee size. It is noted that 3,600 people participated in this year's survey, including Greek students, employed and unemployed, aged 18 to 65, through online interviews that took place in January 2021. In addition, this research is the most detailed research in the world, studying the attractiveness of the largest companies by number of employees, as perceived by the general public, as well as the criteria of preference of potential candidates when seeking a new employer.

You can download the full Randstad Employer Brand research here.


the importance of a strong employer brand.

The added value of a strong employer brand is extremely important in the performance of companies to attract and retain a talented workforce. And this is a result of the implementation of the strategy that satisfies a network of factors, while achieving a reliable and responsible corporate image to the internal and external public as well as a strong connection of employees' personal values with the corporate culture. The survey also highlights that 76% of employees who experience a strong and positive employer brand and corporate culture at their workplace, are more likely to recommend the company as a potential employer.


the most important criteria when choosing an employer.

The same criteria are highlighted in the top five this year as well, in which prospective employees focus their attention when choosing the employer. More specifically, the most important criterion that affects the selection of the employer in Greece is the high salary & the benefits (77%). It seems that this is mainly supported by women aged 35+ and employees with a high level of education.. In second place comes the pleasant working environment (73%), followed by development opportunities (67%), job stability and safety (64%), completing the top 5 with the coveted balance between work and personal life (61%).


popular job search channels.

The most frequently used channels for those considering changing their work environment are personal contacts (43%) with job search sites (29%) ranking second.


covid-19 and the impact on the market.

Only 38% of Greek employees found remote working attractive, which makes this criterion one of the least important. At the same time, the employment situation was affected by a very large percentage of employees (55%), who either went on unpaid leave or worked different hours than usual, or even lost their job. In this case, too, the intention to change the work environment was increased, reaching a high percentage of 31% compared to the employees who were not affected by Covid-19 and expressed their willingness to move to another environment (22%). 16% of employees who stated that they work remotely, do it by their own decision, while 22% of employees' jobs are connected to buildings and facilities, which makes it impossible to work from home or elsewhere. Surprisingly, there is a higher level of loyalty among employees who were forced to work remotely (57%) compared to those to whom this decision was their choice (36%).


looking for another employer: change of working environment.

One in eleven Greeks changed employers during the last half of 2020 and especially the employees who belong to the age group 18-34. The percentage of employees who intend to change working environments in the first half of 2021 amounts to 22% and mainly concerns the same age group (18-34 years), as well as women and employees who have a higher level of education. Those who have changed their work environment attach more value to their career development, contribution to society, job content, diversity, reputation, strong management and use of more modern technological means than those who have remained in the same work environment.

the top 10 most attractive employers in Greece for 2021.

1. Papastratos

2. Aegean Airlines

3. ION S.A.

4. Bank of Greece S.A.

5. Papadopoulou Biscuits

6. Sklavenitis

7. ELPEN Pharmaceutical

8. DEMO Pharmaceuticals

9. National Bank of Greece

10. Vianex


Congratulating the winners, Randstad Greece Managing Director,  Mrs Leigh Ostergard noted, “Randstad Employer Brand research in Greece has a dual purpose: on the one hand to highlight, honor and reward Greek companies that defend and invest in their employer reputation and on the other hand to contribute to the whole world of work in our country, inviting all Greek businesses to integrate employer branding in their corporate strategy and to reflect on the image, culture and value they offer to the human their potential. Being the employer that people choose is a valuable and difficult achievement that results from a network of factors over the years. Ultimately, what matters most is that the people involved in the companies need to be considered as the most valuable and sustainable element that contributes to their continuous growth, in a fragile and competitive environment. This is what we at Randstad represent with our every action and represent in our every collaboration. We are Human Forward. "I want to congratulate the winners and thank them on behalf of the whole Randstad team for everything they did to bring their people to the forefront."