As part of our Tech & touch strategy, Randstad introduces new technologies and flexible recruitment tools which enable us to serve both our clients and candidates, in the best way possible. 

By achieving this connection between client and candidate, we strive to deliver a truly human experience. One of these tech tools is the video interview. 

The benefits of video interviews.

Randstad's video interviews can help to accelerate the recruitment process. By being accessible at any place and at any time, with the highest security standards, video interviews can prove to be a true convenience to candidates during the evaluation process.     


Candidates are given the opportunity to present themselves to a potential employer in a more personal way, where they can showcase their skills and attributes better than they could with a resume alone.

For this reason, it is important to do your best when answering the video interview questions, as you will be able to give a great first impression to your potential employer.

Preparation tips.

Treat the video interview just as you would a face to face interview. Make sure to pay close attention to the online instructions. You will be asked to prepare and submit your answers to a series of questions, which you will have the opportunity to prepare beforehand, at any time that is convenient for you.  

  • Make sure to submit your interview in a timely manner, before any deadlines.
  • Check the lighting in the room where you will be recording your answers.  Make sure that you are visible and there are no shadows cast.
  • Check your sound. Make sure your microphone works and you can be heard clearly, with no interference.
  • Try to look at the camera while recording your answers, and avoid looking elsewhere around the room.
  • Your appearance should be professional, and according to the role which you are applying to.
  • Make sure your background is neat and without any distraction.
  • Remember: be yourself so that our consultant and your potential employer can get to know some aspects of your personality!

For any technical assistance you may need during the video interview, please follow the link given during the instructions.

So, if you receive an invitation from one of our consultants to submit a video interview, follow our preparation tips for greater chances of success!