*Outplacement is a support program provided by organizations to help exiting employees transition to new jobs. A consultancy firm usually provides the outplacement program which is paid by the former employer and mainly consists of practical advice, training materials and workshops.

Working with an outplacement participant on a project, makes you a colleague. Standing by someone through a very weird and tough period, makes you a friend. Giving personalized advice and professional support and guidance, makes you a good counsellor. All mentioned above, make you an Outplacement Consultant.

A main pillar in the Outplacement program is the targeted job hunting. But why is it of great importance? To whom is it a benefit? What do I need to know in order to get my dream job? Couldn’t I just apply to any job opening that seems to fit me?

Well truth is, the chance you’ll find a job that suits you in a company you admire without targeted research, is quite slim. Especially if you are experiencing a period in your  life when you feel you need to recreate your personal brand, evaluate your skills and replan your career. We, at Randstad, know that a successful match between a company and an employee is based on the True fit model : job, company, boss fit. We are here to provide you with a good insight of the market, rebuild your personal brand, regain your confidence and be beside you along the way.

It is time-saving. You will spend the least amount of time in job sourcing, all because you have been trained by the Outplacements Consultants in presenting yourself, interviewing, negotiating, knowing your hard and soft skills (via various tests) and how you could benefit your future employer. At the same time, you will be introduced to companies, through our strong network, that we know share the same culture as you.

Cooperating with Randstad means operating in a safe environment. Our consultants will guide you to ensure that you have the least possible surprises in your career at that moment. We can guide you to identify what it is that you can offer to a company and how possible it is that you are a good fit. 

Targeted job hunting means knowing where you want to go, which way to take and how to get there in the least amount of time. After all, as Michel de Montaigne said, “No wind favors him who has no destined port”

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