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Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer. A strong employer brand can be the difference between talented candidates knocking down your door wanting to work for you, and recruiters struggling to fill key roles. Is your employer brand drawing in the talent you need to succeed?

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2020 employer branding report.

What are the best companies to work for in Greece?  Randstad's Employer Brand Research surveyed thousands of Greeks to find out what companies they would like to work for.   This year's report will give you insights into:

  • the attributes job seekers value most in a company.
  • what makes employees stay with your company, and what deters them.
  • the attractiveness of your sector and how it compares to other sectors.

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employer brand research:

  • a representative employer brand research based on perceptions of the general audience. Optimizing over 20 years of successful employer branding insights.

  • an independent survey with nearly 185,000 respondents in 33 markets worldwide.

  • a reflection of employer attractiveness for the market’s 150 largest employers known by at least 10% of the population.

  • provides valuable insights to help employers shape their employer brand.

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