Outplacement is a service provided at no cost to employees by their employer through a third party supplier during times of workforce restructuring and layoffs. 

Outplacement as a service was initially introduced in the US Market back in the 1960’s after WWII. It was a counseling service designed by Bernard Haldane with its main purpose to support veterans returning from the war as far as their job search and re-introduction to the workforce was concerned. For many years to follow, Outplacement was based on the original design and has been delivered to individuals who had been made redundant with traditional counselling and workshops. 

Nevertheless, a lot has changed since the 1960’s in the world of work, still there are many outdated Outplacement models out there. If we carefully consider the current work conditions, professionals are not merely interested in collecting a satisfying financial package, yes it is still very important but among other things: company culture, company and personal values, alignment, job fit and moreover technology. 

so how has outplacement evolved from an outdated support program to a relevant service to meet contemporary needs of the job seeker and the clients as well?

To begin with, the keyword is that Outplacement programs have become highly personalised. There is no longer the model of one size fits all. Different people have different needs, different goals and expectations. Dedicated consultants provide fine tuned services to match each participants’ needs. While having an excellent knowledge of the current innovations and the workplace evolution, consultants guide and train the participants in the most relevant and effective ways. Therefore job seekers are highly prepared and “educated” for the challenges they are about to face out in the market. With the unique tech and touch approach Randstad “walks the talk” and provides highly technologically advanced support services while maintaining the human factor. Outplacement participants have the opportunity to work closely with their advisor and at the same time have access to RISESMART, a platform that provides them with information on multiple levels. Easily accessible, even from a smartphone, the platform provides customized job search information, relevant vacancies and real time job postings while webinars and numerous relevant articles are also available.

Moreover, on the other side of the program clients and HR executives, receive updated reports and have the opportunity to monitor the progress and current state of the participant. It is very important for them as well since during periods of transformation companies are concerned for the implications of these changes in relation to the Employer Brand and their workforce. 

We are aware that this transition period in a persons’ professional life is challenging and  requires contemporary solutions and updated methods to match the market's requirements. We effectively support our participants to cope with confidence and timely get the best possible results.

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