By Natasha Katopodi, Senior Consultant HR Solutions at Randstad Hellas.

What is an employer’s brand? 

The employer brand of your organization is your reputation as an employer of choice for current employees, active and passive candidates and other stakeholders. Embodying pertinent values, culture and workplace environment, the employer’s brand offers a promise, which, if fulfilled, can bring high returns on investment. 

The term was coined twenty years ago but resonates in today’s interconnected world, becoming something that everybody talks about. Every organisation has an employer brand regardless of the fact that they have consciously pursued it. 

In a nutshell, employer branding is the organisation’s culture as perceived by candidates (active or passive) and current employees. As a consequence, your employer brand affects individual’s will to be part of your organisation and reflects on the efforts an individual will make to collaborate with you. 

Why is employer's brand so important & why everyone talks about it.

In today’s uber-connected society, brand matters more than ever. Social media has transformed entirely the way we inform & stay informed, while review sites have risen as a common way to form an opinion on nearly everything (product or service). Review sites document all of our achievements and failures. Social media technology has brought unprecedented transparency in so many levels providing insights & sneak peeks to what is happening behind the closed doors of an organisation. A candidate who has a poor recruitment experience with a company, may negatively review that company for the world to know, with the review being public and staining the organisation for good. Corporate social media accounts take the lead to diffuse ‘behind the scenes’ snapshots of what it is really like to work for the company depicting anniversaries, successes and unique privileges. 

Sought after candidates will choose to work for the best brands while bypassing on opportunities deriving from companies with a poor or unexploited employer brands. Moreover, current employees increase their productivity aspiring for a long term relationship with an employer they perceive as attractive. 

A strong employer brand is the answer on how to win the war of talent, helping you attract and retain the best. Strengthening your employer brand and winning the organization’s buy-in for a coherent message in may be a daunting task but we are here to help you out. 

Download the handbook 'Employer brand matters: building, executing and measuring employer branding success', roll up your sleeves & start building your strategy! The handbook comprises 5 chapters to navigate you through this journey and help your organisation stand out. 


Randstad Employer Brand Research: What does the ideal employer look like in Greece?

In your journey to build and promote your employer brand strategy you need to understand what motivates employees and candidates hence stay tuned as we will be very soon releasing the Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) for Greece, conducted globally since 2000 and locally since 2018. 


The Randstad Employer Brand Research is the world’s independent employer brand research that provides localized insights into worker's drivers and motivators in 32 countries. The report dives into what people find attractive when choosing an employer. The survey is independent and gives you a peek into the hearts and minds of employees and job seekers alike. 

After reading this report you will learn:

  • what (potential) employees in Greece want.
  • what the gap is between what employees seek and what employers offer.
  • how do the Greeks look for jobs.
  • who the top 10 most attractive employers in Greece are.
  • how to use these insights to shape your organization's branding strategy and talent attraction & retention programs.


Natasha is an HR Professional with more than 10 years of experience in recruitment, training and development both in consulting firms and in-house HR departments. Passionate about helping individuals explore their true potential and successfully craft unique career paths, she focuses completely in the provision & design of bespoke hr services for clients (outplacement, trainings, reevaluation interventions, assessment & development centers, employer branding initiatives, management trainees programs, performance evaluation & various hr procedures. 

Until now, Natasha has supported more than 1500 individuals deal positively with career transition and handle redundancy. She is particularly experienced in helping individuals to define themselves professionally and remove significant roadblocks while searching for suitable career opportunities in the current economic climate. 

Natasha holds a Master’s in Career Management & Counselling from the University of London, MSc in Strategic Human Resource’s management from Alba Business School and a BA in Economics from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. 

Since 2016, Natasha is a Randstad Certified Mentor©.