what is a mobile engineer?

As a mobile engineer, you create mobile applications for various platforms, from design and development to implementation. The applications you engineer help users perform simple tasks, like sending and receiving emails, managing health, or banking online.

You build apps on integrated development environments (IDEs) and major platforms like iOS, Android or Windows. Most times, you optimise the applications to work on all devices. Hence, it is crucial to be conversant with all the platforms used in tablets and smartphones to ensure you build software that provides a seamless user experience (UX), regardless of the device or platform.

As a mobile engineer, you work with various designers to incorporate appealing features and themes that improve the UX during development. You also ensure the design and features align with the users' needs.

Mobile engineers work for software development companies or game developers that design mobile applications. Major platforms like Android and iOS have in-house mobile engineers who build new applications and maintain the current apps in the marketplace.

Would working as a mobile engineer suit your innovativeness and tech skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a mobile engineer role.

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average mobile engineer salary

According to the Economic Research Institute, the average salary of a mobile engineer in Greece is approximately €48,000 per year. Some companies provide additional perks and benefits. Your earnings fluctuate based on experience and skills. When you are new to the role, you start with a lower salary of €33,000 per year. With additional qualifications and experience, your earnings can increase to over €58,000 annually.

how to increase your salary as a mobile engineer

Your earnings as a mobile engineer depend on various factors. When you are a junior mobile engineer, you start with a lower salary due to your minimal expertise in the role. As a senior mobile engineer, you have additional responsibilities and can handle complex tasks. Having additional credentials and certifications to showcase your abilities improves your earning prospects.

The projects you work on also influence your earnings. When you work on a large project, the role requires more expertise, and you can demand a higher salary. Large projects also have huge budgets, allowing them to pay better salaries. Smaller projects have limited funds, which means the salaries will be low.

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types of mobile engineers

Some areas of focus for mobile engineers include:

man looking at smart phone
man looking at smart phone

working as a mobile engineer

Working as a mobile engineer requires creativity and problem-solving skills to build applications or maintain them. Let's explore the primary duties of a mobile engineer and the work environment.


mobile engineer skills and education

To become a mobile engineer in Greece, you require the following educational qualifications:

  • Education: get a bachelor's degree in computer science or a relevant course like software engineering or information technology. After learning the basics of software development, choose a platform to focus on, such as Android or iOS. Since every platform has unique coding languages, specialising in one platform improves your knowledge and employment prospects.
  • Work experience: to become a mobile engineer, you should learn how to design mobile applications and build an impressive portfolio. Consider apprenticeships and internships to gain exposure and improve your skills. Attend boot camps to improve your knowledge of the programming languages used for application development, such as JavaScript or C++.

competencies and characteristics of mobile engineers

Some of the competencies and soft skills necessary for mobile engineers include:

  • Computer proficiency: as a mobile engineer, you spend hours developing applications on your computer. Hence, you require computer proficiency and skills in using software development tools. Computer proficiency also comes in handy when you are developing computer software.
  • Coding skills: programming language proficiency is crucial for mobile engineers, especially in app development languages, such as JavaScript or C++. If you are developing applications for a specific platform, you code in its preferred language. It is important to constantly polish your coding skills and learn new programming languages.
  • Cross-platform development skills: as a mobile engineer, it is crucial to develop applications for different platforms and operating systems. Cross-platform development is an important skill since numerous platforms are emerging daily, and being conversant with important concepts — like reusing code and cross-platform service support — is crucial.
  • Cybersecurity skills: your job is to create safe applications for users. Cybersecurity skills help you determine the security level of your apps and identify solutions to security issues.
  • Business skills: as a mobile engineer, you need business acumen, including marketing and customer service skills, to develop an app that solves users' needs.


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