what is a marketing manager?

As a marketing manager, you promote a brand, service or product. You ensure the company communicates the right message to retain and attract prospective customers. A marketing generalist who intends to oversee and plan various activities fills the role. Your job will be to launch marketing activities, like social media campaigns, events and email marketing.

Marketing managers lead marketing teams to ensure their efforts are fruitful. Your job is to estimate the market demand for your employer's products or services and develop a creative strategy for driving customer interest through multiple channels.

As a marketing manager, you work in various industries. If you are interested in financial services, you could supervise financial services sales agents and insurance agents. Alternatively, you can work for retail businesses or manufacturing companies and focus on finding big clients for bulk purchases.

With the dynamic marketing industry, most employers prefer marketing managers with expertise in digital marketing techniques. You don't need specialised qualifications or expertise in the business sector, but you should adapt to the changing consumer needs to keep up with the competition.

Would working as a marketing manager suit your creativity and people skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a marketing manager role.

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average marketing manager salary

According to the Economic Research Institute, the average earnings of a marketing manager in Greece is €53,000 per year, which equals an average hourly rate of €25. In junior marketing manager positions, you are still new to the role and learning the ropes in the industry. Hence, your earnings are lower compared to senior marketing manager positions. The salary range of marketing managers, from junior to senior positions, is €29,000 to €67,000 per year. Marketing managers enjoy numerous benefits and average annual bonuses of up to €6,000.

what factors affect the salary of a marketing manager?

Your level of seniority and work experience determine your earnings as a marketing manager. For instance, you perform supportive duties in a junior role and aren't involved in major decision-making processes. In a senior role, you have complex duties and make significant decisions that affect the company's revenue. Hence, you require extensive work experience and professional qualifications, which warrant higher salaries.

The industry you work in also affects your salary prospects. For instance, as a marketing manager in technology companies, you will likely earn higher salaries due to the value of the products you market. The same applies to high-end products, such as luxury cars or jewellery.

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types of marketing managers

Some of the different types of marketing managers include:

woman and man attending a video meeting
woman and man attending a video meeting

working as a marketing manager

The work of a marketing manager is to get the word out and improve the visibility of a company in both online and offline marketing channels. Let's explore the specific roles and duties of a marketing manager.


marketing manager skills and education

To become a marketing manager in Greece, you should possess the following qualifications:

  • Education: pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations, or psychology. Since it is a senior-level position, some employers may require postgraduate qualifications, like a master of Business Administration (MBA). If you wish to specialise in specific areas of marketing, you can pursue additional training in digital marketing.
  • Work experience: becoming a marketing manager requires extensive work experience. Start with entry-level roles in marketing or sales to build your skills and gain valuable work experience.

competencies and characteristics of marketing managers

Some marketing manager skills you'll need to succeed in the role include:

  • Analytical skills: as a marketing manager, you rely on data and metrics from market research to make decisions. Analytical skills help you sort and analyse data for evaluating the success of various campaign activities.
  • Creativity: as a marketing manager, you need a fresh supply of new marketing ideas daily to improve the performance of marketing campaigns. Creativity helps you create compelling content and build a robust marketing strategy.
  • Project management skills: as a marketing manager, you follow the marketing process, which requires project management skills. You set goals, plan and track progress, and manage teams using project management skills.
  • Technical skills: as a marketing manager, you need technical skills in email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and presentation software to complete tasks efficiently. You also require computer skills to operate customer relationship management (CRM) software and other technologies used in the marketing departments.


Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a marketing manager.

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