what is a business development manager?

As a business development manager, you are a member of the company's sales and marketing team. You work with people inside and outside the organisation to identify new business opportunities. Your job involves offering proposals to new clients and building long-term relationships with the company's customers.

As part of the marketing team, you build sales leads, pitch to new prospects, and develop the company's client list. You aim to push people through the sales funnel and sign them up as customers. Since you are the company's public face, you should convey professionalism to prospects and potential clients. Making the right decisions and using the best strategies helps you achieve strategic goals.

As a business development manager, you spend most of your time pursuing new business opportunities and ensuring the peak performance of sales staff. Hence, you need exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills. Expertise in conducting research and monitoring business trends aids in sound decision-making and helps you steer the company towards growth. Collaborating well with others, especially senior members of the sales and marketing teams, makes your job easier.

Most industries rely on business development managers to generate new opportunities. You could work for a consultancy firm or an organisation in the construction, manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries.

Would working as a business development manager suit your negotiation and relationship-building skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a business development manager role.

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average business development manager salary

According to the Economic Research Institute, your average earnings as a business development manager in Greece fluctuate based on a variety of factors. Your median salary is €50,000 annually, which equals an average hourly rate of €24. In some companies, you enjoy various benefits and are likely to get an average bonus of €4,000 per year. Your salary when starting as a business development manager is approximately €35,000 yearly. The compensation package increases gradually, and you can take home over €62,000 annually.

how to increase your salary as a business development manager

Your compensation package depends on your experience and educational qualifications. You have minimal experience and credentials in an entry-level business development manager role, which attracts a lower salary. Experienced business development managers take home higher earnings due to their extensive experience.

The company size and the products you market also influence your earnings. When you work in a small company, you have minimal tasks and less complex responsibilities. Hence, you take home a lower salary. In a large organisation, you handle complex duties and deal with a larger market size. The value of the items you sell also influences your earnings, especially in companies with commission-based benefits.

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types of business development managers

The types of business development managers depend on the industry they work for. These include:

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working as a business development manager

Working as a business development manager involves helping businesses find new customers and develop long-term relationships with their clients. Let's explore some business development manager duties and their work schedules.


business development manager skills and education

Some of the educational qualifications you require to work as a business development manager include:

  • Education: to work as a business development manager in Greece, most employers require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Pursue a degree in business management, marketing or business administration. You will learn about market research techniques and how to develop and implement marketing strategies.
  • Work experience: to excel in your role as a business development manager, you require extensive work experience. Gain relevant experience through entry-level sales and marketing roles. You will build your experience in sales and customer service.

competencies and characteristics of business development managers

Some of the qualities of a business development manager include:

  • Communication skills: as a business development manager, you communicate with clients from diverse backgrounds and education levels. Your verbal and written communication skills can improve client rapport and build better relationships.
  • Time management skills: you should have exceptional time management skills, as they will help you prioritise tasks and adjust your schedule.
  • Technical and computer skills: you need computing skills to operate customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and content management systems (CMS) for tracking leads and client calls. Technical skills also help you use office management systems, which you use to complete administrative tasks associated with the role.
  • Personal drive: you should be goal-oriented and driven to achieve your objectives in a business development manager role. When you have drive and self-motivation, you can push yourself to meet targets.


Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a business development manager.

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