Who can benefit from professional Outplacement programs

benefits for employers - company :

• Enhances positive reputation as a company who cares about its people

• Displays corporate social responsibility - commitment to current employees, potential candidates, investors, suppliers and clients.

• Allows a more proper and sensitive approach and supports in avoiding typical mistakes

• Manages change through effective planning and communication with both departing and employees who stay

• Maintains positive morale of employees who stay in company by

demonstrating fairness and concern for those leaving

• Assists in maintaining stable productivity level and motivation

• Reduces potential risk of litigation and unfair dismissal claims

L. Karakatsani, HRD at UCB Hellas

“Our cooperation with Randstad was excellent, always professional throughout the entire program. The contribution of the Outplacement Specialist and Outplacement team was valuable at every step of the project: announcement of the bad news, preparation, support, individual sessions and the monthly reports. (…)

I highly recommend Randstad for Outplacement programs and I would like to thank the Randstad Team and the Outplacement Specialist for their professional support & dedication throughout the duration of the project.’’

HR Director of Shipping company

“We trusted in Randstad Outplacement to support those people on the way they would plan & organise not only the job hunting process itself, but -most importantly- the psychological impact of this significant change in people’s lives.

All the projects have been handled in a way that was professional, discreet, consistent and according to our values. I am sure that the Randstad consultants will be our reliable sparring partners also in the future”.

benefits for departing employees:

• Supports individual in coping with job loss, handling efficiently with career transition during a vulnerable time and reducing the transition length of time required to deal with change

• Helps the individual look towards the future and a new job.

• Provides a comprehensive support framework and structured approach to job search

• Equips with excellent job search tools and techniques

• Presents an opportunity to reassess personal needs and develop lifetime self marketing skills

• Enhances transition and career skills , and coaches individuals in how to manage their career

• Provides emotional and/or psychological support

First Data – now in IT Services -Business Improvement Manager

“I would 1000% suggest an Outplacement program like the one I experienced with Randstad and its consultants. Actually, nothing would be the same if I had made the effort by myself! As for the outcome, the credit belongs to the team who supported me. Excellent work, really!”

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