It is perfectly understandable and okay to experience motivation and productivity loss in times of such uncertainty and crisis. Hence we have gathered few productivity boosters to help you through this:

1.  prioritize an activity that has a direct positive impact.

If you have a flexible TO DO LIST planning an activity that has a direct result will instantly give you satisfaction and pleasure to get things going. Try to think of the tasks that are linked with what you really like about your job. That way you will be reminded of the pleasure you can derive from your work and you will be able to focus and continue with your less favourite tasks of your TO DO LIST. Think of the tip as a ‘start a meal with dessert’ kind of tip.

2.  plan a special break.

If you have a real difficulty concentrating and getting things done, trick yourself by thinking of your next break and make this break really special. Offer yourself something nice like your favorite hot beverage and maybe coordinate with a friend or colleague to catch up. Remember being also at home may mean that your breaks can be very special. No one is judging here. This somewhat childish trick, trust us, works every single time!

3.  the old ‘library’ trick.

When I was a student and had a difficulty studying for exams I would visit my University’s library and study there. Seeing all of these students focused on their books, would instantly make me concentrate and made procrastination impossible. In that unique wfh situation why don’t you recreate the office’s atmosphere by connecting with a college or more via video even when you are not required to interact.  

4.  make your WFH situation as unique as you are.

When WFH is not only a benefit or an option, we may tend to miss office, our office habits and how we used to do things. In a sense this change was abrupt and imposed on us hence we feel we have no choice and no control. True. So how about focusing on what we can control and personalize your wfh situation? Adopting your own break rituals will lift your spirits and give your productivity a boost.   

5.  communicate, communicate, communicate.

This is a very unique situation that affects all of us. You are not alone. So maybe this is not the typical productivity tip but being open and talking to your peers, mentors and of course trusted friends. This way you will be able to see other peoples’ perspectives and familiarize yourself with what is happening around.