As COVID-19 is officially declared a worldwide pandemic, our everyday lives have changed dramatically, as it is imperative to stay at home. As a result, the working population faces unique situations while leaders are trying to ensure business continuity in this crisis.

Some of us are lucky enough to be given the opportunity to continue working remotely. I am sure that you agree that this is great is so many ways. From feeling productive and useful to having a sense that everything is normal. No matter how positive you may be, keeping your spirits high during such uncertain times is challenging.

Here are a few thoughts regarding the challenges we all need to tackle in this very unique work from home situation. Just be aware of these challenges and leverage your resilience and smarts. There are tons of solutions for almost every problem but it is essential to remain calm and focused in order to be resourceful.

You may also work from home with the company of your family members and kids within a limited space. A confined space may be another challenge as many dual career couples will need to work from home at the same time. Make sure to plan your work day and tasks along with activities to keep your kids busy and happy. You are not the only working parents with toddlers at home. You may need to work with some Disney music as background.

Discuss your concerns with your mentors, you are not alone. Remember that you have the right to be vulnerable and worried. This is an unprecedented situation and we are all in it together.

Workwise you may also need to amend your day to day activities and alter your focus to achieve business goals. Talk with your managers and peers and be open. Massive changes happen simultaneously and our capacity to change and adapt will have to be extended substantially.


Since we are no longer required to commute to and from our offices, most of us struggle with creating and safeguarding normal ‘office hours’. Working from home while having to stay at home may result to working longer hours while feeling overwhelmed. Believe me, it is not a good idea to substitute your normal life activities with more work.  Make sure to create some new habits as far as breaks and ending your work day are concerned. Get inspired by your colleagues and explore new ways of connecting socially. It is indeed an opportunity to share meals with your loved ones. Last but not least, as much as you may be drawn to your smartphone or work email after office hours, you may need to consciously refrain and plan fun activities.

Focus on stuff that you can DO, and there are several activities that you can still do. From physical exercise to virtual tours of famous museums and theater plays that are available on line. Dealing with a situation we have no control over, can be very frustrating. So please remain positive and resilient.

Stay safe, protect yourself and others.

I wish you a great, albeit quite different, workweek.