Given how quickly the IT industry develops, recruiting is an area in which it’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends. Luckily, we’ve been doing our research and have produced our guide to all areas of hiring and talent management in 2019, with a section specifically about the needs for IT firms. 

This is especially important as IT becomes a bigger part of most companies, and more businesses become entangled with technology as time goes on. As the industry grows, hiring tactics and talent management will naturally need to change, and given the rapid expansion of IT over the last 15 years, it’s no surprise that these areas change quickly.

We’ve found five trends that are going to be increasingly important for any firm that needs to hire IT talent in 2019, and we are sharing the top ones for you here.


Some skills still hard to hire.

The best talent for niche areas like cryptology, security areas and even in AI and machine learning are still hard to hire. Companies do not have adequate talent pipelines or strategies to fulfill their talent need in these areas. Even data scientists, cloud specialists and hard coders continue to be difficult to find in adequate numbers. Companies have been looking at ways to fulfill their needs using freelancers and other ways of engaging good talent in addition to perm staffing.


Demand outweighs talent supply.

IT used to be a fairly self-contained industry, but it is now in intense competition with a wide variety of sectors. Technologies that were emerging only a few years ago, like the cloud, are now being utilised by a huge number of companies - both large and small - and each organisation doing so has a need for IT talent.

Although plenty of people are getting into the IT sector every year, demand for talent is increasingly outweighing supply. This means IT firms are going to have to rethink what they can offer candidates if they want to attract the best people around.


More focus on soft skills.

While companies have developed standard practices and sources for getting the best technical skills, companies have been focusing on the softer side over the recent months. As strategies often get unpredictable due to the fast changing technological landscape and economic developments, soft skills are increasingly important to determine success in an IT company’s hiring strategy.


Mobile as a key word increasingly used with talent, not just technology.

One way of dealing with this high demand for IT talent is to look overseas. The world has been shrinking for some time now, and remote working means there’s no reason your employees have to work in the same office or even the same country as you. However, this means you need to bear mobility in mind when you’re hiring.

The ability to cross borders as part of your work is integral to becoming a truly global firm. You need to consider candidates who are able to travel, speak several languages and are convenient to hire. Doing so will increase your ability to grow internationally and compete with the top organisations in your field.


Re-hiring proven performers. 

Companies in the IT industry will increasingly look at rehiring former employees, which is a cost-effective way to acquire proven talent. Boomerang employees are proven team members who can contribute even more to your organization the second time around. They have accumulated knowledge and experience during their time spent with other employers, and they are familiar with your company and understand its mission. In short, they are proven performers in your structure, culture and industry.