The world of work both globally and locally has changed and continues to change rapidly. The changes brought about by technology and also the global health crisis in recent years have been drastic. In these constantly changing conditions, both employees and businesses are called to adapt and adjust every single day.

Remote work, work-life balance, flexibility, talent war, employer branding, quiet quitting are part of the conversation about our new work reality. 

Job openings have new characteristics and asks and as employees we also evaluate these positions with entirely different criteria, at the same time that companies face significant challenges in attracting and retaining talent.

in order to discuss these topics and much more, we created the podcast series “the future of work”.

In the podcast series “the future of work” we will discuss our latest studies, new trends in HR, successful local and international practices, as well as useful job search tips.

In partnership with Fortune Greece, we created the podcast series “the future of work: workforce talks” with the aim to convey to candidates and businesses alike our analytical look to the market data and trends.  

In each episode Tasos Zachos, Editor in Chief of Fortune Greece and our specialized executives will discuss the latest labour market trends as well as the future of work.

Episodes of the series will be progressively uploaded here.

Stay tuned!