Are you thinking of moving and working in Greece? Why not make your next adventure a move to Greece, a country full of history, great weather, culture and gastronomy?  

Greece is renowned as the cradle of western civilization, one of the most ancient and historical cultures worldwide.  The Greek lifestyle remains unique and a true adventure. After trying recent times, Greece and it’s capital are now at the top of bucket lists for many travellers. Nowadays, thousands travel from all over the world to visit the country’s capital city Athens,  the Greek islands and travel all around the country every year.  By choosing to live in Athens, you too will have access to these popular locations too and much more.  

Athens is a historical city which combines ancient culture with modern art and way of life. Acropolis, Plaka and Monastiraki areas are the cultural heritage of  Athens for thousands of years but all these ancient monuments are completely integrated in the modern times needs and living. One can spend days, weeks or even months exploring this unique city. 

In Athens one can find endless bars, cafes and tavernas with Greek traditional food to explore and enjoy. Greek gastronomy is truly having its moment in recent times. Living in Athens will allow you to enjoy authentic mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist and exquisite fine Greek wines.  

But what is it that makes the Greek culture unique? It is the people! Greek people are known for their hospitality all around the world and this is what makes the life of expats much easier, interesting and exciting. Newcomers to Athens do not face any difficulties interacting with locals and adapting with  the Greek way of life.

The experience of living and working in Greece definitely has much to offer, why not consider a unique adventure never to be forgotten for the next stage in your life.

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