what is code in programming? 

‘Code’ is short for source code and is basically the act of translating code from human language to a machine-based language.  A ‘code’ acts as a set of instructions given to the computer.
In order to become a coder, you need to be able to write code in different programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, SQL, C#,  Python, Java, C, etc.  If you are proficient in any of these programming languages you will be able to provide instructions to a computer to execute the programs you create. 
Coders should have basic knowledge of programming languages, their syntax and keywords. While coding, your expected outcome is a simple solution or a small part of a larger project.

requirements of a programmer.

Programmers should have experience generating algorithms, modelling problems, processing data, and managing projects. These are just some of the most useful skills needed for programmers. Programmers are asked to apply their imagination and analytical skills to help solve specific problems in projects assigned.

how do coders and programmers cooperate? 

What are the initial steps a programmer takes? 
- plan the structure of the app
- note down the features of the app
- design the app
- further investigate any other features that should be included in the app.
- after the programmer has completed these initial steps, the project is handed over to the coder
The role of the coder is to transform the ideas into code to enable a computer to understand. Once this process is completed, the programmer takes over the project, once again.
In the final stages of the project, the programmer will go through the code and enhance by debugging, checking for errors and testing the work before publishing the final product. 

tip of the day: 

If you are interested in logic, then programming might be for you, while if memorizing and apprehension are your strengths, you should consider coding.   
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