In today’s world there are many ways job seekers can find new employment opportunities and build a network of professional contacts.  Job search networking is one of the most successful ways to finding a new job.  In the past traditional methods of networking included, developing contacts with friends, family, neighbors, college/university alumni, people in associations or anyone who might help generate information and job leads.

Today, social media is the newest tool for job search networking and has become a part of everyday life.  A great place to network online for a job is LinkedIn . There are other professional networking sites such as Xing and to a lesser extent Facebook, and Twitter.  On these professional networking sites, you can research companies and get in contact with people who work for these companies.

There are also Group discussions to be found on these social network channels and of course there are blogs as well, where you have the opportunity to build your profile.  Randstad Hellas has a very active Group page on Linkedin, Facebook, and we also have our Blog, as do other companies, associations etc.Networking online is great but make sure you also include traditional methods as well.

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