Accountants work with all commercial and economical related activities of an organization, business, government entity, etc. Accountants’ duties include but are not limited to:

  • Keeping up of accounting financial books and ledgers according to invoices, costs, payments made, etc.
  • managing a company's financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems
  • Issuing of Invoices
  • The monthly balance
  • Employees Salaries
  • Gathering of information relevant to tax offices

Accountants are responsible for:

  • The organization of the Accounting department and the configuration of the accounting system.
  • Providing & Interpreting financial information
  • Producing accurate financial reports to specific deadlines for factors relating to business performance.
  • Signing of the balance sheet and the monitoring of company economic policy.

Accountants work in office settings and must have excellent PC skills.  They work with computers, calculators, accounting programs, etc. To work as an accountant one must be a holder of a University or TEI degree.  Attention to detail is a must as well as trustworthiness, promptness and the ability to make quick decisions in the case of economic problems that may arise. Looking  for an Accounting job ?Take a minute for a "job  search" and check for all the new job openings in Greece Find more details for our services ( Professionals, Staffing,  Outplacement, Payrolling - Outsource ) at