Salaries in Greece for IT specialties

Randstad in Greece is the largest and most experienced IT recruitment agency. Our team brings over 15 years of recruitment expertise with a single focus in technology. As specialists, we're experts in everything to do with IT and technical jobs. Job seekers and employers can trust our experience, market knowledge, and global reach when it comes to staying ahead of trends in the technology industry.

In February 2016 we conducted our annual HR Trends Survey to seek out salary information for IT positions.

Below you will find a salary range that corresponds with the highest and lowest salary band for the most in-demand IT positions. The salaries are based on 14 gross salaries per year.

Job Titlelowest salary band highest salary band
administrator (database, security, etc.)10001600
analyst programmer16003200
analyst, including: functional analyst, test analyst, system analyst, business analyst, database analyst, etc.18002700
architect (solutions, enterprise, κλπ.), συμπεριλαμβανομένου: architect, applications architect, enterprise architect, etc.27003500
ddeveloper, including: .NET, software, Java, PHP, C, C++, etc. 10002600
IT consultant including: business intell, ERP, SAP, Siebel, Linux, Java, etc. 18003000
it director (including CIO, development director) 35005000
it support (helpdesk)8001500
pre- sales consultant17003000
project manager22003200
security engineer11002800
system tester13002200
web developer10003200
devops engineer18002800
SAP professional15003000
mobile developer14002500
system engineer16002400

Whether you are looking for a job or hiring someone for your team, our IT recruitment specialists have the expertise you need to build your network. We excel at connecting job seekers and like-minded employers. Beyond simply matching technical skills and experience, we believe finding the right 'fit' is vital when building successful work relationships.

To see the full HR Trends report, click Salary%20Survey_2016_eng_LR.pdf
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