#newways of working.

The new reality of covid-19 requires us to find #newways to return back to business. Physical distancing, extra hygiene measures, regular testing and other solutions will be crucial for the foreseeable future, but many decisions still need to be made. To optimize people’s safety as they return to work, clear guidelines, processes and protocols must therefore be in place to support both employees and employers.

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5 tips when onboarding temporary employees.

In this new normal, a lot of companies are becoming increasingly reliant on a temporary employees. When onboarding temporary employees, be sure to implement these 5 failsafe tips Randstad is using already. Effective onboarding is just as important for temporary employees as it is for permanent employees.

5 tips for #newways to recruit

There are many tools to support #newways to recruit. Wanting to share our experience and knowledge with you, we set up a guide 5 easy tips for you about virtual recruitment in the new normal.

a sneak preview of tip #1

Companies using video technology reported a 55% increase in quality hires.

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#newways of working

In these changing times, many companies are facing a new way of working and new ways of leading your workforce. The same goes for Randstad. Our CEO Jacques van den Broek tells you more about his vision on #newways and he also zooms in on a topic that’s more important and relevant than ever before: reskilling the workforce.

#newways to engage your remote workforce

But can companies embrace remote working without losing company culture?


As long as they maintain contact and offer employees training, development and performance recognition.

Read more about this in our one-pager and if you want to learn more about how to implement these ideas in your workplace, request our miniguide from your Randstad consultant to learn more!

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how to engage a contingent workforce

Employing flexible employees is a solution that brings many benefits, but there are certain things to consider in terms of how you engage with them. 

Randstad has identified three key considerations, which might help in engaging with this contingent workforce.

Download the contingent workforce one-pager and get informed.

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#newways with digital HR solutions

Do you have HR challenges with which we can support you? We have set up an online educational session with digital solutions that might be interesting for you.

youplan: our workforce scheduling solution

What if... 
...you don’t waste time any more with scheduling your workers in excel, for example, but rather...
you create and view rosters online while having 24/7 access to a pool of available workers, 
and you receive the quickest possible confirmations for accepted shifts by pre-selected workers.

the new normal: #newways of working

did you know that:

  • research found that 44% of people feel anxious about going back to work
  • worldwide, more than 436 million enterprises face a high risk of serious
    workforce disruption
  • 83% feel they have adapted to their new working situation due to the covid-19 pandemic
  • 73% are able to shift working hours to better divide attention between family and work obligations
  • in Greece, 7 out of 10 companies operate exclusively or partially on the model of distance working.
  • while only 6% of survey respondents require a physical presence for employees.
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new jobs in times of covid-19

There are many supporting jobs that may help you develop #newways of working. Check out the infographic to discover these and other new jobs and support solutions.

Our goal is to help you adjust to fluctuations in talent demand.  We deliver the employees and solutions you need to keep growing through these uncertain times.

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how ‘covid-19 safe is your workspace?

Getting back to work safely makes a difference. And we understand that there might be questions about how covid-19-proof your workplace is!  

So, learn more how to keep your workspace clean – and therefore safe – in the following video.

are you up to speed?

Did you already make a communication plan? Do you have protocols in place to prevent overcrowding? Use the checklist via the button to see if you’ve addressed the most critical safety guidelines for reopening your business.

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