Randstad’s RiseSmart is all about people and technology, offering great opportunities for both employees and companies, during the post-Covid19 era.  

Launched in Greece for the first time, RiseSmart is an innovative tool, coming from the global leader of HR solutions. 

Randstad, the global leader in the HR services industry and leader in talent mobility solutions, is innovating by introducing RiseSmart in Greece, a technological tool that offers comprehensive solutions to employees and companies by effectively upgrading the conventional job search process. RiseSmart is an employee centric tool, offering great opportunities to professionals throughout their careers. 

RiseSmart was introduced in 2015 and has since then received more than 13 awards globally. It is currently one of the top 3 providers of global contemporary career transition solutions, available in 100 countries and 40 different business sectors. 

Some of the most important benefits of RiseSmart are career coaching, resume writing & branding, as well as customized job leads. Through its award-wining technology, the career tool offers a user-friendly technological interface, where the user can search for new job openings in real time, as well as take part in seminars, individual training sessions, online classes or read articles. At the same time, it gives access to an extensive network of business contacts and to industry’s best career consultants.  

The post Covid-19 era is characterized by a tendency towards a universal digitization. Human Resources services are evolving, while companies are adopting a tech ‘n’ touch philosophy, offering greater opportunities to employees. 

Employer Branding is becoming more and more important for professionals and employees. At the same time, employee career development is a top priority for companies and employers, offering added value to the employer – employee relationship. Therefore, companies will continue to offer innovative solutions in order to support their employees, as well as to stay safe in terms of future challenges. Accordingly, RiseSmart is what a company needs in order to be able to face any challenge related to its human resources. 

Career transition innovation.  

Job searching is an evolved process, indicating that job offering is not just a standard procedure anymore. Employees are looking for job satisfaction, while companies are hoping for employee retention. Thus, outplacement services have become particularly specific during the past few years, offering comprehensive solutions in terms of employee transition (within the organization or to a new one). RiseSmart will focus on the needs of both sides, offering services such us career development, employee redeployment, outplacement, as well as technological support. Its aim is to create sustainable and successful employment experiences. 

Corporate benefits.

RiseSmart gives the opportunity to employer companies and Human Resources teams to be able to monitor the progress of their employees at any given moment. Such innovative solutions enhance productivity and improve future profitability. It is worth mentioning that this kind of services are in accordance with employee rights and as a result are funded by the government of many European countries, such as Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Czech Republic.

Commenting on the innovative methods of RiseSmart, Leigh Ostergard, Randstad’s Managing Director in Greece, said: ‘We are well aware of the needs and requirements of the Greek labor market. Management and Human Resources teams are constantly searching for different ways and approaches to attract and retain new talents. At the same time, job candidates are rigorously evaluating their options in terms of career opportunities, looking for a job that will offer them career development and a healthy work - life balance. RiseSmart focuses on individual needs and work satisfaction, throughout an employee’s career, using various technological solutions to the employee’s advantage. We have a powerful and innovative tool in our hands, a tool that will offer helpful solutions in terms of employee transition. Its mission is to make professionals feel safe throughout their transition and enable them to grow professionally, as well as personally. Such a strategic approach will enhance Employer Branding and create responsible employers and companies, emphasizing on career goals and generous remuneration packages. RiseSmart will guarantee customized services for both professionals and HR teams.'

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