Randstad introduces new brand positioning centered around the company's 'Tech & Touch' strategy​​‘Human Forward’ underlines Randstad’s purpose to support people and organizations in realizing their true potential.

Today, Randstad shared its new brand positioning, which builds on the company’s heritage of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential and strong belief that work makes peoples’ lives meaningful and gives it purpose. As part of its new brand positioning Randstad introduced, after 14 years of ’good to know you’, the new brand promise: ’Human Forward’. At the same time, the company presented a new visual identity.

 In a 24/7 economy people and organizations have different needs. The way we live, work and relate to each other is transforming rapidly. This is also influencing the HR industry. New, digital HR solutions and tools are drastically changing the way people connect to jobs and the role Randstad plays in this space. That is why Randstad’s ‘Tech & Touch’-strategy is a very important pillar of its overall strategy going forward. It concerns the digital transformation at the heart of existing business models. The digital transformation improves the way to connect with clients and candidates and to put humans first. By maximizing technological capabilities, Randstad enables its consultants to focus on what matters most: bringing in their human touch. This creates the need for a new, strong Randstad brand positioning with  a new brand promise and a new visual identity. 

Jacques van den Broek, CEO Randstad: “We know that technology can support us all in our daily lives and we are already working hard to make technology work for us. But from our long history we know above all that the human connection is the most important part of our business. With our in-depth understanding of the world of work and our passion for people we help people and businesses to move forward. It is our personal approach, supported by state-of-the-art technology, that truly sets us apart in the global world of work. We express that with a new brand promise: Human Forward. It’s our promise to the world that we will always put humans first.” 

video and websites

The launch of the new brand positioning and visual identity was kicked off with the launch of new, rebranded websites in all 39 countries where Randstad is active. Also an inspirational video, which will be shared through social media, is part of the introduction. With this video Randstad illustrates that, although technology has brought us a multitude of innovations, even the most impressive technological invention is less intricate than the humans who developed it. A detail people tend to forget sometimes. As from 2018, the Randstad branches will be gradually adjusted to the new visual identity. ***************************************************************