An important tool in the management of an employer brand is the regular review of the employer image. For this reason, Randstad launched the independent employer brand research 17 years ago and in 2017 more than 30 countries participated. The Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) measures the perceived attractiveness of the largest companies and what potential candidates look for in a new employer.

Unlike other employer branding studies, the REBR is not based on company nominations or judging panels. It is an independently conducted research where the results are based solely on the opinions and votes of the local potential working demographic, giving a truly impartial view of the employee market and a true reflection of employer attractiveness for each of the participating countries’ largest employers.

Employer branding is an increasingly important competitive factor. Companies with a strong employer brand are perceived as outstanding employers with attractive brand values that offer good career prospects.

Companies with positive brands get twice as many applications as negative brands. 50% of candidates wouldn't work for a company with a bad reputation despite salary being higher. Embodying values, culture and workplace environment, employer brand offers a promise, which, if fulfilled, can bring high returns on investment.

Employer branding helps recruit skilled and promising new employees, and it enhances their loyalty by increasing their identification with the company. It also raises an organisation’s visibility in the job market and enables it to stand out from the competition.

For the first time, the research took place in Greece. More than 7,435 Greek respondents between 18 and 65 years of age took part in the research and comprised of students, employed and unemployed workforce. The interviews took place online in November and December 2017. 

The top 10 most attractive employers in Greece in 2018 are:

5.   ION
8.   DEI
10. ELTA

We congratulate the most attractive employers in Greece. At Randstad we pride ourselves on being employer branding experts by conducting comprehensive research into what attracts employees to an organization to support companies operating in Greece. 

You can find the full country report for Greece available here: REBR Country Report for Greece 2018